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Our resident globe-trotter, Victoria, often has an ever-changing Zoom background, never failing to stay on the ball while traveling. Victoria brings a proven record of successfully managing large complex projects for enterprise organizations. Her skills in collaborating with executives while coordinating budgets, timelines, teams, and project requirements have enabled her to have a bird's-eye view across various teams. 

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Chief Financial Officer

Board Advisor

Michelle Carlton is an accomplished Chief Financial Officer with expertise in developing market strategies, financial direction, and position. Her work has spanned various industries, including technology, finance, and healthcare. She has a proven track record in financial management, budgeting, and forecasting. Michelle is also a talented musician who can play any percussion instrument, including piano and play any song request of your choosing. She's also a sports nut who enjoys watching all kinds of sports in addition to her son who plays professional baseball! Michelle's creativity and expertise make her an indispensable asset to the company, and she brings a unique perspective to her work as a dynamic leader and strategic thinker.



Sr. Director of Digital Marketing

Lauren specializes in creating high-performing marketing plans and strategies that increase the awareness of stature for our clients. She is responsible for directing high-quality traffic and aiding the acquisition of new customers through organic and paid channels. With an analytical eye, Lauren plays a vital role in the expression of our client's brands through marketing.


As a graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, Lauren has the skills to share meaningful stories in an effective way. When she’s not at her computer or a local coffee shop working, she enjoys spending time hiking and skiing the incredible mountains in Colorado.



Chief Marketing Officer

Board Advisor

A guiding figure of this team, Marty brings 25+ years of executive experience in Supply Chain, Strategy, and Marketing. When he's not orchestrating client growth or telling dad jokes to his kids, Marty serves as a fractional C-Suite Partner at TechCXO and works as an award-winning lecturer in Supply Chain and Operations Management at the University of Georgia (UGA). 



Account Manager

Robyn graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication Studies and a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications as well as a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Florida State University. She also has experience in the Hospitality industry. Robyn's strong communication, project management, and leadership skills allow her to work well with many different clients and get any job done quickly and effectively.

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Graphic Design and Marketing Strategist

Though he received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and a Master’s in I.T., Pibool has found that his real passions are graphic design and marketing. With hands-on experience working with both small businesses and nationally recognized organizations, Pibool has designed content and conducted marketing for brands such as ICENY, The University of Georgia and Three Roosters. Finding success in client content being featured on TV, print, and the web, Pibool has a knack for combining his eye for design with calculated strategy. After collaborating with the team on a client brand relaunch, Pibool quickly became the go-to for all things website design and branding at Carlton Creative Co.



Content Marketing Coordinator

Meet our Content Marketing Coordinator - a seasoned writer and true team player. A graduate of Florida State University, Casey brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Reliable, efficient, and able to juggle multiple tasks at once, she effortlessly delivers on client requests and project deliverables. Her international experience studying and working abroad in Florence, Italy, has further expanded her writing skills and enriched her perspective. Don't let her professional demeanor fool you, she also loves Halloween and is always up for some fun.



Marketing Coordinator

Ivey holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). Formerly an Account Executive at a major corporate flooring manufacturer, Ivey harnessed the power of social media and digital marketing leading her Atlanta-based team to reach over $22 million in sales during 2022! Further, Ivey is a people person who thrives on making connections and getting to know others. Her high-energy nature and entrepreneurial spirit make her memorable in any setting. She firmly believes in the lasting impact of how you make people feel, recognizing the importance of building meaningful relationships. In her free time, Ivey indulges in her love for the lake, cooking, and reading thrillers. These activities provide her with relaxation and inspiration, fueling her creativity in her personal and professional pursuits.

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Join Our Team

We’re constantly looking for self-motivated, driven and positive individuals to add to our growing team. 

Why join our team? Being 100% remote, at Carlton Creative Co. you get the freedom and flexibility to work how, where and when you want. Supported by a collaborative and passionate team, you’re able to own your expertise and drive projects. If you’re interested in breaking free from the regular office “9 to 5,” fill out the form below. 

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