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Case Study 1

Case Study 1:
Luxury Hair Extensions eCommerce & Social Media


This client is a premiere hair extensions company that sells hair extensions at an affordable price. They offers multiple types of hair extensions made out of quality materials.



The company struggled to make its brand name known. It was being sold at a chain store and was doing decently well in terms of sales, but consumers could not recall the brand name when asked what brand of hair extensions they wear. Its social media channels also only used stock images and did not have a cohesive feel or look.



  • Built out an entirely new website

  • Added eCommerce to the website

  • Started weekly email campaigns

  • Built out a robust Instagram influencer program

  • Made sure to post on social media 3x a week

  • Applied a filter and grid system to Instagram

  • Applied a cohesive look and feel to all marketing efforts (color, font, etc.)

  • Ensured all DMs and customer issues are responded to in a timely manner


The company saw a direct increase in sales, reach, engagement, and follower growth. On average, the company's eCommerce site receives around $30k in sales per month alone.

Case Study 2:
Client Personal Social Media Accounts

Image by Georgia de Lotz


This client was an individual who worked as a professor and Strategy Expert in Supply Chain and as a consultant advising C-Suite executives on strategy, marketing, and logistics. 


The client was struggling to use his own social media accounts to create business for himself. While incredibly knowledgeable, his posts weren’t garnering the engagement he needed to bring leads down the funnel, nor were they getting enough views. Social media profiles were not properly optimized and created an inconsistent online presence.

Case Study 2


  • Revamped profiles to enhance personal branding

  • Crafted a content strategy

  • Launched revitalized social media management plan including LinkedIn, Twitter, and blog posts



The client saw a direct increase in reach, engagement, and follower growth, now averaging thousands of views per post. Not only was new business generated through this social media campaign, but offers for interviews and media opportunities were as well.

Case Study 3:
C-Suite Fractional/Interim Consulting Practice LinkedIn Showcase Page


This client is one practice of a large consulting company that provides on-demand, C-Suite work for professional companies, whether a startup, small business, or large corporation. The experts in the firm who work as CXO consultants advise companies on strategy, execution, and overall business operations.


The client was struggling to gain leads and ensure enough work for the consultants as part of the practice. While each consultant has an extraordinary expertise and ability to help other companies in their business struggles, this was not being showcased well online.



  • Created a LinkedIn Showcase page for the company’s practice and ensured optimization of the page through algorithm strategy and SEO

  • Crafted a consistent content strategy that would enhance the client’s marketing efforts and gain leads

  • Launched a social media management plan on LinkedIn, posting regularly twice per week

  • Gained over 2,000 followers in a year and a half of running the page



The client saw a direct increase in reach, engagement, and follower growth. Not to mention, leads down the funnel and more consultants joining the practice. Not only was new business generated through this social media campaign, but other practices in the company have caught on to this practice’s social media endeavors, and are launching their own LinkedIn Showcase pages as well.


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